Who threw the furthest knob?

This is the first year that DOMVS has attended the Dorset Knob Throwing Competition where Director, Polly Greenway, watched all the action happen including who could throw the furthest knob amongst other events.

Last year more than 700 “biscuit athletes” entered the throwing competition in Dorset which attracted more than 5,000 spectators. The Dorset Knob Throwing contest in Cattistock - between Dorchester and Yeovil - involves participants tossing a locally made, triple-baked biscuit to the best of their ability.

The spherical missiles have to be thrown underarm and one of the competitor’s feet must remain on the ground for it to count. The idea of throwing them came to Mr Nigel Collins as he searched for a “unique selling point” to help raise money for local sporting facilities. Other events at the Frome Valley Food Festival include a knob eating contest, a knob and spoon race, a knob-a-thon and knob darts. The event, which started in 2008, took place on 4 May.

“Some people who are very competitive; the best thing to do is relax, visualise where you think it’s going to end up and pray!”
The men’s title was won last year by Dave Phillips with a record throw of 29.4m (96ft). Who will attempt to beat Mr Phillips record next year? Will it be someone from DOMVS?

DOMVS: 7th May 2014 11:04:00