Borough Environment spokesman opens eco development

England’s first Passivhaus development opens on Portland
Councillor Ian Roebuck, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s spokesman on environment and sustainability cut the ribbon to mark the opening of Pennsylvania Heights.
Pennsylvania Heights, the first of its kind in England, is an innovative and eco-friendly new development on Portland.
The councillor was joined by George Edmunds, who bought the first property on the development and already has his home up and running as a successful holiday let. Eddie Fitzsimmons of Lomand Homes, the developer behind the project, and Polly Greenway from Domvs estate agents, were also there.
With a total of 72 properties, Pennsylvania Heights incorporates the latest in eco-technology. All the houses are made from locally-sourced Portland Stone, and cost from £210,000.
But unlike conventional new builds, developers Lomand Homes have incorporated Passivhaus technology into Pennsylvania Heights to reduce heating costs and lower the carbon footprint.
A Passivhaus is super insulated and can be likened to an air-tight envelope. This means that barely any heat escapes and barely any cold seeps in.
As a result a Passivhaus can largely be warmed not only by the sun (solar gain), but also by the heat generated by appliances, such as fridges and computers, and even the occupants themselves – without the need for a conventional heating system.
Using a mechanical heat-recovery ventilation system - warm air leaving the building transfers the majority of its heat to the fresh air coming in - means not only year-round comfortable temperatures, but there are also significant benefits for people with asthma, hay fever and other allergies, as the incoming air is filtered.
Lombard Homes also employed local tradesmen, suppliers and contractors to reduce the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of each property.
Councillor Roebuck said: “I am delighted that the first location in England to bring this pioneering “PassivHaus” concept to fruition is in our borough, here on Portland. 
“This is a clear signal that innovative “green” technology can simultaneously deliver environmental benefits and real savings for consumers.
“Residents here will enjoy very low heating bills through a combination of effective insulation and a heat source which is powered entirely by locally-sourced sustainable raw materials, rather than fossil fuels.”

Photograph shows from left to right: Domvs Managing Director, Polly Greenway; Councillor Ian Roebuck; George Edmunds, the first owner of a Pennsylvania Heights property; Glenn Smith of Real Estate Bureau and Eddie Fitzsimmons, Managing Director of Lomand Homes

DOMVS: 6th Jun 2012 15:20:00